Excellent foppery

I’ve uploaded to a separate page my talk “Excellent Foppery“, which I originally gave at Readercon last year. It’s close on 4,000 words, so I thought adding it to the front page would be…unhelpful.  The blurb I wrote last year was:

Following on from his talk at last year’s Readercon (a potted history of the last twenty years in speculative fiction), Sleight now discusses the use of history in the fantastic—from John Crowley’s AEypt sequence to Tim Powers’s fantasies of history. Other works discussed include Road Runner cartoons, Harry Potter, slash fiction, and the stories of Elizabeth Hand, Russell T Davies, and Thomas Pynchon. Overarching theories may be suggested; gratuitous mentions of Shakespeare may also take place.

Comments very welcome on that page. As I said earlier, this year’s talk “And so…” is a sort-of sequel to it. (And, indeed, there’s a further one in the series brewing if the fine Readercon folks are interested next year…)


~ by grahamsleight on June 2, 2010.

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