I’ll be attending Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, which is taking place in Chicago from August 30 to September 3. I’ll be representing the SF Encyclopedia team at the Hugo Awards, and I’ll also be doing a few panels. At least at the moment, my schedule looks like this. Am omitting detailed panel descriptions because, as I understand it, they’re not yet finalised.

Thursday August 30th, 9.00-10.30pm, Dusable: The Exploration of Gender Roles in SF. With Deidre, Lilian Cauldwell, Nick Mamatas, Paco Ruiz.

Friday August 31st, 9.00am-10.30am, Gold Coast: British SF Television: Why are Their Programs So Good? With Ann Morris, Nicki Lynch, Ryan K. Johnson.

Friday August 31st, 7.00pm-8.30pm, Wrigley: C. L. Moore. With Kenneth Hite, Lawrence Person, Sofia Samatar, Stephen Haffner.

Saturday Sep 1st, 3.00-4.30pm, Wrigley: Best new SF&F Authors of the 21st Century. With Barbara Bengels, Elizabeth Bear, Gary K Wolfe.

Sunday, Sep 2nd, 3.00-4.30pm, McCormick: Fandom’s Blind Spots. With Amber Clark, Catherine Lundoff, Gene Armstrong, Saladin Ahmed, Tim Susman.


~ by grahamsleight on August 13, 2012.

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