Been a long time…

Tiptree cover

…since I last posted. My excuses: I’ve been busy at work, with my MSc, and with a couple of other things that have to stay embargoed right now. At the moment, I’m also in the middle of the most intense reading period for the Shirley Jackson Awards. It’s my second year as a juror for these awards and, obviously, I can’t yet say much about the works I and my fellow jurors are looking at. I’m confident we’ll be able to announce some strong shortlists, though. My most recent writing assignment was, rather dauntingly, providing an introduction for a new Gollancz edition of James Tiptree Jr’s Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. Since the book is probably my single favourite collection of short sf, it was a great honour to write this. The new edition is due out in July. Along with a few other introductions and short reviews, my big project this year is bashing into book form some of the reviews and essays I’ve written in the recent past. About which more anon…


~ by grahamsleight on March 9, 2014.

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