Eastercon 2018

I’m aware that I haven’t updated here for, er, a while. Various reasons for that, which I won’t bother you with, but I hope posting here will now be a bit more regular. To start with, I’m attending Follycon, the 2018 UK Eastercon, which will be taking place in Harrogate from March 30-April 2. I’m doing a few panels and the like, as below:

  • Friday, 5.30pm, Reading Room: moderating “Transgressive Sexuality” panel with Juliet Kemp, Matthew Colborn, Powder, and Jess Meats
  • Saturday, 10.00am, Syndicate 334: running a “critical masterclass” on Ursula Le Guin’s marvellous “The New Atlantis“.
  • Sunday, 1.30pm, Dining Room: on behalf of the SF Foundation, hosting the annual George Hay Lecture – this year being given by Dr Kevin Cowtan on “Vulcans are from Vulcan, Humans are from Earth: Understanding Climate Science and Why Some People Reject It”.
  • Monday, 10.00am, Dining Room: moderating “Form vs Content” panel with GoH Kieron Gillen, Sarah Ash, Faith D Lee, and Dominic Dulley.

Of these, I’d note that the critical masterclass got arranged too late to appear in the printed pocket programme. Hope to see some of you at the con!




~ by grahamsleight on March 25, 2018.

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